If learning Arabic calligraphy has been your dream all your life, then this is a golden opportunity to begin your journey this September.

This is my signature 7-week program that is offered twice a year and will teach you the Thuluth script from absolute scratch.


Iceland Arenas Mississauga

705 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3X9


Classes will be held on Sundays (dates below) between 2-5PM.


22     29


6     20     27


3     10

Note that there will be no class on October 13 due to Thanksgiving long weekend.


Thuluth Mastery Course Book (paperback + PDF)

Traditional Writing Tools

Calligraphy Ink

Inkwell + Likka (ink control fabric)

Practice Sheets, Tracing Paper, Glossy Paper

Access to full Master the Qalam Correspondence Program (ONLINE)


Photos from previous Master the Qalam programs.


  • I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you in guiding me on my journey towards learning Arabic Calligraphy. Being a left brained person designing nuclear facilities for a living and not very artistic, it was still a dream of mine to learn this art for the past over 10 years. Finally by the grace of Allah SWT I found the right teacher. I have been impressed by your dedication to this art and your sincerity in conveying everything to your students and not holding back anything. This is amply reflected in your manual (and book) which is designed to convey all the necessary information for anyone who is committed to learn this art. For me the real learning starts now and I am so motivated that I will be spending ample time to practice and move forward.
    Shiraz Rehmani
  • Alhamdulillah if it wasn't for this course, I would forever remain scared of holding a qalam and attempting any sort of calligraphy whatsoever. I think you did a terrific job with the details in your book and presenting the material.
    Fizza Shaji


Please check back in December for Winter 2020 Enrollment


  1. How much will I be able to learn in the 7 week period?

Content-wise, you'll learn everything there is to know about the Thuluth script. In regards to your ability to write calligraphy, most of my students are able to script with 80% accuracy by the end of the program. For more details, refer to the gallery above to see how far students come by the end of the program. To achieve the remaining 20%, it could take months, if not years of practice.

2. I greatly admire Arabic calligraphy but I am not much of an artist. Can this program still help me?

The thought that you're not an artist is nothing more than a fallacy and an extremely limiting belief. The first thing we focus on in this program is debunking this myth. Forget what your grade 3 teacher told you about your artistic abilities and don't let the way you coloured the map of Canada in geography class decide on what you can or can't do. Artistic abilities are directly correlated with motivation and once we have that, half the battle is won right there and then.

3. What if I'm seriously struggling and need extensive 1 on 1 focus?

Though the class time is from 2-5 pm, I will be in the classroom every Sunday starting 1 pm providing 1 on 1 guidance to anyone who needs it and is willing to come in early to get that extra bit of help.

4. What if I miss a class?

All students will have access to the online correspondence companion of this program. If you happen to miss a class, you can watch the session at home to catch up.

5. What's the appropriate age range for this program?


6. Is this program identical to those previously offered?

Though my programs are greatly admired and highly recommended by all students who go through them, I am consistently listening to constructive feedback and looking for ways to make the program better every time it is offered.

This time around, the program is 7 weeks long as opposed to 6; in addition, I'll be providing all students access to the online correspondence program as well - this is so any absentees can catch up easily and all students can keep the content saved with them well after the program is over.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at info@omarudincalligraphy.com