This is The Ultimate Online Program to Creating Your Own Calligraphy Artwork that Sells!

If you'd like to leverage your unique artistic imagination to create, scale, and consistently sell your artwork, then enrolling in this program will become one of the most worthwhile investments in your life!

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The 4 Phases of YOUR Art Business

  • Phase #1: Learning The Techniques

    In this phase, you’ll be learning techniques of creating hand crafted artwork as well as digital artwork. All too often, artists create non-scalable handcrafted artwork for an income their entire lives, keeping their time and effort involvement a central part of their business, never knowing what selling scalable products can do for them. The focus here is to learn to digitize your artwork and to learn about the different kind of scalable product avenues out there.

  • Phase #2: Freelancing

    In this phase, your primary focus is to work for clients as a freelancer. The work could be delivered as a handcrafted or digital artwork. This phase not only helps you put together a portfolio and put your name out, but it also helps you begin the journey of collecting a repertoire of designs to be used for future scalable products.

  • Phase #3: Selling Scalable Products

    In this Phase, your income will still be primarily based on your freelancing projects, however, you will slowly start to repurpose previously created digital designs to give form to your line of scalable products. In this Phase, you’ll establish your online shop and decide on what type of scalable products to sell.

  • Phase #4: Automation

    In this Phase, you’ll enjoy complete time and financial independence. Not only will have many lines of scalable products selling around the world, but you will also have automated online advertisement mechanics in place to have your income set on autopilot.

Whether you are seasoned artist already selling your art or an absolute beginner, this program will guide you step-by-step on how to turn your passion side hobby into a lucrative art business!


The course is divided into the following 5 value packed modules:

  • Module 1: The Foundation

    Before anything else, it’s important to know the big picture and having the right mindset. This module goes over some of the common mistakes many amateur calligraphy artists make and how you can avoid going there altogether. The module also discusses five viable business models that are the foundations of this program.

  • Module 2: Creating Your Artwork

    This module teaches students how to create self-handcrafted artwork. In specific, we’ll be going over methods and techniques for creating handcrafted canvas artwork and handcrafted apparel art creation and application

  • Module 3: Scaling Your Artwork

    In this module, we’ll be going digital! We’ll discuss how you can convert your handcrafted artwork to digital formats as well as how you can create a purely digital artwork from absolute scratch. Why do we need to go digital? Well, this is the ultimate secret to scaling out your artwork and getting your precious time back.

  • Module 4: Large Format Masterpieces

    This module is one of the most comprehensive modules in this program. We’ll begin having a look at some practical examples and using the concepts we’ve learned so far, I’ll walk you through step by step on how to recreate the following 4 of my renowned large format masterpieces: Asma Ul-Husna Wall Art, The Gate of the Ka’bah, The Golden Mehrab, Wall Perspective Design

  • Module 5: Selling Your Artwork

    This module is where you go from being an artist to being an entrepreneur. I’ll walk you through how you can setup your own online shop and begin selling your artwork around the world.


Along with the program, I'm also including 4 bonuses that will assist in taking your art venture to the next level.

  • Bonus 1: Publishing a Content, Activity, or Colouring Book on Amazon

    You may already be aware that I am an author of 2 books on Arabic calligraphy, and I’ll show you how easy it is to take some of your own digital artwork and re-purpose them to create publications.

  • Bonus 2: Basics of Online Marketing For Artist

    This bonus takes you in the world of online marketing and how artists can best utilize the channels the resources available to sell our products and services. Obviously having an online store is a big accomplishment, but if no one visits it or hears about it, it’s pretty much just lost in space and time. This bonus will show you strategies that can help you practically sell your products on autopilot.

  • Bonus 3: Entire Master the Qalam - Thuluth Mastery Program

     If for years you’ve been designing calligraphic artwork based solely on personal creativity, and would like to begin incorporating the true scaling and measurements of the Thuluth script, this course will teach you the entire script in detail.

  • Bonus 4: Access to private members-only Facebook Group

    All students share this platform to ask questions, share their work for feedback, and ultimately support each other in their journey.


Zeeshan Farooq

Custom wedding gift created using the files shared as part of the course! This design was created in illustrator and then laser cut. Thanks for the wonderful content Br. Omar.

Muhammad Irfan

Finished most complicated one so far Alhamdulillah. Put together using the files included as part of Creative Calligrapher.

Amin Shah

Made this design in Illustrator. I followed the technique of "Minus Front" as taught in Module 3 Lesson 3.

Naila Khan

Designed the background myself and used the Cricut machine for the calligraphy.


Made this Hajj Mubarak cake topper using Thuluth worksheet and then cut on my laser cutter.


  • Creative Calligrapher program is my 4th course with Omar Uddin and I just wanted to say that it's his best work yet! It's extremely detailed, follows a step-wise process, and answers all the questions I had in regards to starting my own art business.
    Naveen Khan Calligraphy Artist
  • This particular course is perfect if you think your hand-written calligraphy is not on point yet but you still want to earn an income by doing Calligraphy Art.
    Anam Hamid Colour Book Creator, Calligraphy Artist



** Registration currently closed. Please sign up to the wait list to be notified when registration is open **

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Let me take all the risk away from you! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I will gladly provide a 100% refund given that you provide evidence that you implemented what you learned from the lessons in this course. View full Refund Policy


1. I am a complete beginner in calligraphy, is this program still relevant to me?

Actually, you don't need any prior experience in scripting calligraphy; it's obviously a huge bonus if you do but as I'll be providing by the scale vector files for each letter modules in the Thuluth script, you can essentially construct all your artwork digitally and produce products as per the instructions in this course.

2. Is this course online or in-class? What's the schedule?

This class is completely online, and this is the best medium to offer it. As I will be providing on-screen tutorials and instructions for constructing/preparing/installing large format decals, I can't imagine doing all of this live.

3. Who is this program intended for?

The program is designed for aspiring and amateur calligraphy artists looking take their art to the next level. Since my experience has primarily been with Arabic calligraphy, the course focuses on this specific art form, however, the techniques taught could be applied to calligraphy of all languages and scripts.

4. What can I achieve after going this program?

Frankly speaking, the transformation could be life changing. For almost a decade, I myself carried the art as a side hobby along with a full-time job, simply due to the limiting belief that true prosperity could never come out of something like calligraphy. It wasn't until I mastered the lessons I teach in this course that I was able to quit my full-time job and become an art entrepreneur making 6 figures a year - and I hope you can achieve the same.

Your goals could be different; perhaps you're only looking to learn alternative methods of expressing your creativity, or may just want a side income - if this is you, there's still a lot of value you can extract from this course. Having said that, a big focus of this course is on monetization.

5. What software and tools will I need to go through this course?

Digital Design: Any vector based software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW would suffice. In this course, we'll be using Adobe Illustrator. It would also be helpful to have Adobe Photoshop, though this is not necessary.

Vinyl Decal and Apparel Design: You can use one of numerous on-demand local or online vinyl cutting services or you can invest in an entry level vinyl cutter for $200-300. You'll pay off your equipment by selling just a few decals so the investment is definitely worth it.

Online Shop Platform: Any online shopping platform like Shopify, Woocommerce, or Etsy could used. In this course we'll be using Shopify and Fine Art America.

Publishing Your Artwork: At bare minimum, in additional to Adobe Illustrator, you should have a simple word processing software like Microsoft Word. My recommendation will be to use Adobe Indesign, and that's the program we'll be using in the bonus section of this course.

Online Advertising Tools: In this program, our primary focus will be on Facebook Ads.

7. What's the duration of this program?

A big mistake we make is when we link the duration of a course to it's quality. My focus with this program is get your business up and running as quickly as possible. This is a non-fluff strategy to give you all the necessary information and guidance up front, and then have all the resources available to you in the back-end. On your end, you can binge the course over a weekend OR you can choose to implement the processes one step at a time as you along. My suggestion would be the latter. I anticipate that really ambitious students could really have their first products created and ready to sell within a week or two after going through this program. On average, most students will take about a month.