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I specialize in helping complete beginners in not only mastering the art of calligraphy, but in also accessing their deep inner creativity, in thinking outside the box, in inventing their own visual genre, and in producing a kind of artwork never seen before.


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Winter 2017 In-Class Course

This is a comprehensive 7 weeks long Arabic Calligraphy course that teaches you the Thuluth script from absolute scratch. All writing tools and supplies, as well as the course book are all included in the course fee.

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Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy - Paperback

Released in 2013, this book is one of the first books in English that teaches the Naskh, Thuluth, Diwani, Riq'a, and Farsi scripts in a comprehensive manner.


Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy - E-Book

An E-book version of the paperback book.



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*Review of Udemy course: Become and Arabic Calligraphy Artist from Scratch*

I had been wanting to learn arabic calligraphy for a very long time, and found no thorough resources on the subject. This was the first complete and easy to follow guide that I found online and easily accessible.

What makes it such a great course is; you start as a beginner, but what you learn are the true basics of calligraphy that will open up avenues towards your becoming a master calligrapher with continuous practice. So you are not simply learning how to pen a script, you're learning the very essence of arabic calligraphy that will help you learn more in the future.

Of course, you do learn 3 scripts as well. The teacher's hand is incredibly experienced, the videos so clearly detailed and easy to follow. AND you can refresh your memory by watching the videos over and over as this course is always available to you once you purchase.

Might I add, I love how the teacher has given a short demo on how to use the different letters to create art at the very end of the course. It is like an inspiration and a encouragement to go ahead and use our imagination once we've mastered the basics.

So, if you're a beginner who wants to learn authentic arabic calligraphy, quickly and perfectly, this is the course for you!

Kehkashan Khalid

*Review of paperback book: Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy*

Finally, here is a book in English to guide interested learners through the assimilation of the required skills in the beautiful art medium of Arabic calligraphy. This is the book on the subject that I've been waiting over 25 years for. The teaching methodology using a step-wise learning process building on previous material is sound, and the coverage of even rarely encountered forms is laid out for the user to master up front. There are a few other books I've seen in the past on this topic, but they are nowhere remotely close to what you get out of this book. Also, it's a beautiful book. A lot of nice information about history, tools, and materials, too. It's all here, folks. This is THE book you want to get if your goal is proficiency with Arabic Calligraphy.

Titan Rodick

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